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© 2019 ABC Medic Proprietor:Lucy Faulkner

As a fully insured independent nurse practitioner I offer the following complex care services:


Initial assessment: I complete an initial assessment of your potential clients health and social care needs and produce a comprehensive report


Care Planning: I write a full person centred care plan covering all aspects of your clients health and social care needs 

Staff training: I provide training and competency sign off for staff in the following areas: 


Enteral feeding: Bolus and pump delivered feeds, medication and care of the low profile and standard gastrostomy/jejunostomy


Spinal cord injury: Bladder and bowel care, including bladder washout, digital rectal stimulation, manual evacuation of faeces, suppository and enema insertion and autonomic dysreflexia 

Epilepsy: Administration of Buccal Midazolam in a client in status Epilepticus

Diabetes: Blood glucometry, hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia and signs, symptoms and treatment 

I also write client specific training tailored to your clients individual needs.

Please call me on 07464 182100 to discuss any of the above services